What it is like being a male fashion Geek

What it is like being a male fashion Geek

Since childhood I was different than the lot! People everywhere looked at me in a different manner. No, I was not ugly looking neither did I have a big mole in my face. The way I was different from every kid was I dressed differently. From young age I was a fashion geek. I used to dress fashionable and kept myself updated with the latest fashion trend. While I was growing up in my teenage years I found myself to be in the group of girls rather than of boys. I found applying scent to my body was more preferable than carrying sweat. I loved my clothing. Even when I traveled I carried the best travel jacket with myself. I am a bit different but not an alien.


Being bullied during teen years:


As you can imagine what it was like for a fashion geek especially a male fashion geek like me had to face during teen years. As I always hung out with the girls I was mocked quite a lot. The boys used to tease me calling me names such as : gay, lady boy and what not. I never let negative chant get into my head. I always tried being positive. As a teen I did not enjoy engaging in physical sports a lot. So, as a result I was much weaker than average boys. Even the usual nerdy geeks were stronger than me! My physical fitness led me to being physically bullied. Being bullied I tried my best to ignore the verbal abuse but being physically abused was something really hard to cope with. To support me my parents changed my schools quite often. Not only that, they even moved to another different state only for me! Being their only child they loved me and understood me quite well. But changing schools or even states did not help much. Soon I came to a realisation that I am wonderful just the way I am.


Adolescence was a bliss:


As I started growing up. My mates and people are me also started getting older. WIth age comes wisdom. I did not get bullied much when I entered my adulthood. When I entered college I was being embraced for who I am. I met up with a bunch of people. I tarted traveling a lot. And as I mentioned my love for fashion did not die. I still looked for the best travel jacket , the best travel fashion clothing and what not. I started loving myself even more. Especially, after I found people like me. Who completely understood me. So yes being a male fashion geek is tough. All I will suggest is be yourself. Learn to love yourself. And most importantly accept who you are. Yes, you will be mocked and bullied. But if you don’t accept who you are how come can you expect someone else to accept you. And another thing is talk to your family. Trust me they are always there for you!


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  1. Here is the story of an individual who is a fashion geek in his adulthood and looks very different among his fellows because of his different looks. Some people have very deep and good sense of fashion and they know how to wear the latest designs.

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