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From our cutting edge technological test equipment, and our dedication to hearing education, Jade Hearing Instrument's technology will help you effectively maximize your hearing ability.

Our technology gives us the ability to fit the varied and particular needs of each individual.


We provide FREE hearing check and evaluation using the latest advanced test equipment. For this service we request an appointment due to the time required to properly administer testing.

After testing your hearing, determination of hearing adaptation is necessary for our next step to decide what hearing aid will best suit your hearing loss?


Every detail, from physical size to acoustical parameters is customized for your individual needs.

We make an "impression" or "mold" of your ears. This allows us to custom manufacturer a plastic shell that will only fit your ear.

How large it is or how far it fits in your ear is based on the type of aid recommended and purchased, and the physical shape of your ear.


The plastic shell and its manufacturing process is extremely detailed and critical in nature. If your hearing aid does not fit right…you will never be able to use and wear it!

Most plastic shells are made of a hard tempered acrylic plastic with a custom "vent" necessary to release pressure and/or fine-tune your hearing aid frequency response.

Once your plastic shell is buffed and polished it is color coded for ease of recognition. A large RED dot is imbedded in the right aid while a large BLUE dot is imbedded in the left.

The shell(s) is/are now ready to be "loaded" or assembled (fused) to a hearing aid faceplate, which contains the custom, tuned amplifying electronics. (see FACEPLATE)

Since Jade Hearing Instruments manufactures in-house versus outsourcing, you save time and money every step of the way.

We have the Technology!

Jade Hearing Instruments will provide you with the best and most reliable electronics available.

We incorporate advanced technology with solid-known-proven manufacturing techniques.

Once your custom shell(s) is/are ready for final assembly, the acoustic/electronic testing and verification procedures are initiated.


A round plastic disk, pre-assembled with a battery door, battery contacts and made in a variety of colors is used as a foundation to wire your electronic circuit on.

After wiring and locating certain components on the faceplate, it is tested and/or tuned to meet your specific hearing needs. We use your hearing test results and a very advanced computer system to compare, tune and formulate the proper results.



Your custom tuned faceplate and custom-made plastic shell are now ready to be chemically fused together. This "sealing" process will fuse them permanently together for wear and use, but if service is necessary, we can open your hearing instruments and close (fuse) them again.

After the sealing process, the hearing aids are trimmed, re-polished and prepared for final inspection. Re-testing your hearing instrument(s) ensures a quality product.

A final inspection looks for any minor flaws incurred in production techniques and re-tests ensure the hearing aids will deliver the desired or programmed output to accommodate your hearing loss.


When you question what to do about your hearing problem….Ask yourself " Who knows more about hearing aids than the manufacturer?"

From start to finish, from hearing test to hearing aid(s) Jade Hearing Instruments is totally committed to ensuring you receive the best possible hearing ability.

Call us…count on us. For over 26 years we have helped thousands of hearing impaired people to hear better again.

Helping people hear is our only business!

From start to finish we rely upon your input, either through past experiences with hearing aids, or changes in your daily activities (hobbies, employment, travel, etc.) or just your desire to hear and understand better to customize your hearing instruments.

Help us to help you hear better.

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