Pack N Play

Pack N Play

Great news for users of baby cribs, strollers, baby walkers and a myriad of other baby and toddler furnishings. Congress decreed 3 years ago that the Customer Product Security Commission (CPSC) establish security standards for cribs and other items. Now those requirements are coming together.

The required by Congress includes the following pieces of baby and young child furniture:

– Full-size cribs

– Baby Pack N Play

– Non-full-size cribs

– Young child beds

– High chairs

– Booster chairs

– Hook-on chairs

– Bath seats

– Gates and other enclosures for confining a child

– Play lawns

– Stationary activity centers

– Infant carriers

– Strollers

– Walkers

– Swings

– Bassinets

– Cradles

– Baby walkers


There have actually been safety requirements for many of these, however they were not well organized and were not as stringent as the upcoming guidelines (we say “upcoming” because some are still under development). The majority of the old guidelines were voluntary, and stem within the American Society of Screening and Materials (ASTM), the juvenile items producing industry itself, or the Consumer Products Safety Commission. In many cased, the brand-new guidelines are a mix of ASTM voluntary standards with additional requirements from the CPSC. The CPSC has six months to establish a requirement for each juvenile item. As quickly as a requirement is in place, it is necessary and unlawful to produce, offer or import a product which breaks the standard. Failure to comply brings either civil or criminal charges for all included.

A fine example of how well this process works is demonstrated by the rule for infant baby walkers. The CPSC adopted the ASTM requirement and added 3 requirements of their own (the extra 3 addressed the stair fall test and parking brakes). Even the initial requirements (ASTM) worked as evidenced by an 88% decrease in injuries from 1994 to 2008.

The new requirements also mandate that manufacturers consist of postage pre-paid registration card. The majority of us view these cards as simply a marketing ploy. Do not! Fill them out and send them to the maker. This provides a communication channel in the event of an item recall. Utilizing this system, the maker (or importer) can contact the consumer with repair or replacement info. Do not be amazed if you receive a call from the Customer Products Security Commission. They have a Congressional mandate to test the recall info system occasionally.

Through the very same regulative process, the Consumer Products Security Commission has actually consisted of cribs and other gadgets used for loan, leasing, sale or lease by hotels, motels, childcare centers, family childcare houses and other places where baby cribs are offered for use.


As a brief reminder, the following points need to be thought about whenever you’re buying, leasing or borrowing a baby crib for your child:

– Baby crib need to be in good repair and revealing a Juvenile Products Maker’s Association label

– Constantly use a tight-fitting bed mattress with fitted sheets

– Slats must be no more than 2 3/8″ apart

– Corner posts must disappear than 1/16″ in height

– No decorative cutouts

So, expect that standards for the manufacture, sale and import of infant and young child products will become obligatory and more stringent in the coming months. This is great news for moms and dads and infants.