Helium Balloons Are Ideal for Both Business and Pleasure

Helium Balloons Are Ideal for Both Business and Pleasure

Would you believe marketing latex balloons are published whilst inflated. It’s actually a significant complicated process. The balloons are inflated with air and held in a clamp. They are then squashed down onto a screen which offers the image nicely onto the balloon.

Once printed the wet ink needs to be completely dried before it might be deflated. If it is deflated too quickly the ink will stay damp for hours and they will stick together. An automated printing machine will be able to fill them a bit more after printing to help faster drying, the helium balloons delivered are then generally blown dry.

This method of drying was never a problem during the early days when all balloons were printed using what’s known as the offset method. Offset printing used rollers and rubber plates for the use of a thin layer of tattoo to the inflated balloons. Because of this, the ink dried up instantly. A great fast printing method but sadly the quality was garbage. The printed versions appeared reasonable when these were toned but once inflated the ink faded.

Demand started to increase and because of this the call for more expensive arrived, and so display printing became the standard procedure. The screens give a thicker build of ink and 1st class quality. White ink on Dark-colored became possible, this did not include an option with the offset method.

As balloon publishing at birthdays, weddings and corporate events continued to grow in popularity, so do the need to accessorise. before long self sealing valves were on the market industry as most people found it difficult to tie more than one hundred balloons. The initial valves on the market required just a little inward ‘push’ to seal them and later these were superseded by instant sealing valves.

The particular valves are simply put into the bottom of the balloons once they have been printed. The moment they are helium filled they become the ideal promotional item, an advert on the move that everyone wants – but costs very little.

As balloon printing got off demand grew for races and releases. The release is a great spectacle at Football environment, schools and corporate commences.

This brought new environmental issues to the industry. A code of perform was created and the new self sealing valves were not allowed for use during a release. Everything had to be totally biodegradable.

In today’s market place it is never better to purchase and source marketing balloons. You can simply order them printed, with helium gas and accessories by simply sending an email. The print quality and sturdiness has been tried and tested to deliver excellent performance and float times.

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  1. The helium balloons are always been appealing to eyes of the kids as they find it the way of playing. These balloons are filled up with helium gas which is the good source of business for many people and source of enjoyment for kids.

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