Benefits of Electronic Logbooks for Truck Drivers

Benefits of Electronic Logbooks for Truck Drivers

While electronic logbooks are yet to cost lower than a $100, statistics show that their popularity continue to increase day by day. Manufacturers are also constantly advancing technology used in these devices to make them more efficient. And with improvement in technology-truck drivers are reaping the greatest benefits from the devices.

There are several options for electronic logbooks for truck drivers. The two most popular options however are smart phone apps and web based database systems. The smart phone apps are downloaded on the driver’s smartphone and used to track their mileage and driving behaviors through the trip. Smartphone based electronic logbooks are cheap but they sometimes lack important features. For example, most free electronic logbooks are insecure and can jeopardize important truck data.Image result for GPS Tracking

Web based electronic logbooks on the other hand are more secure. They are designed so that data recorded by the device is automatically uploaded to a secure online database. Generally speaking however, both smartphone and web based systems have features that make them much better than the paper logbook systems.

  • Better accessibility-When you have a fleet of a hundred, how long can you keep important paper records in an easily to access place? Paper records are expensive and strenuous to maintain. Convert the records into an electronic system however and you could keep records for every truck and access theme easily. You can also backup the records conveniently and be guaranteed that you can access them irrespective of technical issues at the company.
  • Better security-Logbooks can get lost, despite the fact that it is not always fast and convenient to get a replacement. You could tear your logbook by mistake. Some drivers could forge entries or expose the records to the wrong people. All these risks are however eliminated with an electronic system. Electronic logbooks for trucks timestamp every piece of data and stored in such a way that it can only be accessed by authorized staff.
  • Easier to manage information-Since it is important to monitor and track all records from trucks at your company-it is only important to do with the best devices. Electronic logbooks help you access and manage information flow without the challenges earlier caused by paper records.

If saving time and money is of the essence in your company, consider switching to electronic logbooks for truck drivers. The devices used are cheap to maintain, but the benefits you get from managing truck records electronically are enormous.

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